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     All ages are obedient to riches.

The question: “who will make up the elite of rich in future?” - I can answer unhesitatingly: “You will be a part of it too”. The fact that you are interested in the subject of this book and you are going to read it in itself tells about your aspiration in building your life differently from most of people that surround you.

I’m sure that by approaching the last pages of this book you will realize that you have traveled in mind for 10 or20 years. You will look at everything from another viewpoint. I repeat, “Another rather than traditional viewpoint at everything around you”. Exactly this value makes rich different from all other people. For one’s turn, their special thinking is the cause of this virtue. Practically all wealthy people who realized how they reached their result agree in opinion that “your thinking has to correspond with the level of your riches before you will reach it.”.

Thinking of riches is the foundation, which you have to start from. It’s impossible to reach any result without it. I take a liberty of contending that this is the most important aspect on the way to riches.

This book is “a book without an ending”. I’ts primary task is not just to set out the secret of founding a new business idea, constructing business, gaining the ability to order your money in correct way, and tell about the formula of Riches. It is to unite you and all who crave to achieve Success in life. Approaching your aim accompanied by an equal is much more comfortable and suitable than approaching it in loneliness. Or accompanied by those who are below their potential. Equal and strong will give you energy on your way, the weak will distract. Those people who will be able to read this book on your level of understanding are worthy of your attention and friendship. They will be a kind of support in your life and business. But how to single them out from the crowd, how to be sure that they are exactly those who share your thoughts and plans? This book is a “litmus stick”.

Are the success, riches, social position the objects you are interested in? Answers for these questions are here. Becoming the owner of this book, you are getting an opportunity to become a member of the “Club of Riches” Where you’ll meet like-minded people with energy and aim. Believe me, there is nothing more powerful than this energy. To become acquainted, to enter both friendly and business relationships. Years will go by and these contacts will become invaluable. More and more beginners will join the club every year and every day. Elders will pass them their experience. The beginners will finally have somebody to ask for advice. So I call this book “a book without an end”. It’s written in a condensed form. Only the most important aspects are considered in more detail. I could say that this book is a test for ability of information perception. A word is enough for the wise.

Fixation (concentration) of attention on useful information is the skill, which is necessary to form in yourself.
Analysis of obtained information foloows the fixation ability in trying to understand this information.
Using of useful and well - analyzed information in your life is the way to success and riches.
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